Edison Award Winner for Best Digital Product Innovation (2019)
"DropKey® Studio in a Bag® Technology"

Rockwell Scharer III

Founder and CEO at DropKey, inc.

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About Rockwell Scharer

Rockwell Scharer is an innovative digital media entrepreneur and the father of mobile Chroma key background replacement on smart devices.  As pioneer of the new Mobile Content Capture (MCC) market, he’s an expert in Mobile Software Project Management, crowdsourcing for branded entertainment, mobile content acquisition, and cross-platform media distribution.  Scharer is the inventor of the DropKey® inflatable Studio In A Bag® line of products, which paired with the DropKey Chroma key Application via Wi-Fi, will revolutionize content creation on smart devices. Scharer is responsible for the Consumerization of green-screen HD background replacement on smart devices.  What does this mean?  Most professional content creators use green-screen technology to create crisp, perfect HD background replacement, a laborious, costly process. When Scharer put push-button perfect Chroma key on 2 billion smartphones using the airframe — it became a revolution in content creation.  Scharer was recently nominated for the Edison Award for Best Digital Product Innovation for DropKey Technology (2019).

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer Scharer recruited an Academy Award and Emmy award-winning team of experts who understood the implications of Consumerizing Chroma key and were immediately onboard.  He won a prestigious Wilson Sonsini Entrepreneur Grant for his work with DropKey Technology.  During the last twenty years Scharer gained experience as a coder, a recording artist, novelist and serial entrepreneur. He’s considered a disruptive media pirate that loves to write fiction every day and ends up with a screenplay or a novel every couple of months.

Besides his professional recording career, Scharer served as Founder and President of Diversified Telcom, Inc., a software engineering firm with solid Fortune 500 M&A experience. As a Consultant and IT Architect, Scharer built the cost-tracking systems for the Space Shuttle (Rockwell International), implemented the cost-tracking system for motion pictures at Paramount Pictures, and successfully merged NYU Medical Center with Mt. Sinai Hospital (Y2k) from 1995-2001, which resulted in the largest hospital IT system in the world. Often leading multiple projects using Agile Scrum methodology, Rocky is also a pop music artist and producer-engineer with a top-forty single and three albums. An award-winning screenwriter and novelist, the technology futurist invented the DropKey TV Studio In A Bag  Technology and emerged a disruptive media pirate. A pioneer in new media, Scharer works in Hollywood’s New Media District and is a graduate of the University of Oregon’s Lundquist School of Business with a B.S. in Finance.

Scharer’s strong creative endeavors and sharp business skills led to his early examination of the billion dollar Mobile Content Capture (MCC) market, where he invented tools for the future of Television, and then founded DropKey to monetize his inventions and provide better educational tools for journalists and media producers all over the world.  DropKey® is the culmination of Scharer’s dream to make the world smarter and better, using technology to serve the Humanities. 



Live Nation Entertainment – 2017 – 2019

Senior Program Manager managing software development teams supporting 91 live venues around the world.  responsible for Global Software Technologies at LiveNation IT In Hollywood -managing software development innovations at 91 venues across the United States and Canada, building and expanding live event software to reach over 52 countries.

Led and coordinated the implementation of financial applications including Concur and SAP interfaces, executive reporting utilizing Business Objects and Premier Insight with partner sponsors, and managing IT solutions for business and IT groups. Key leader with the goal of transforming the IT group to a mature Solutions Management PMO with best practices, reducing time to fulfill goals and key objectives, increasing operational efficiencies and time to market.

DropKey, Inc. 2017 – Present

Responsible for the research and development of the DropKey® Camera App paired with the inflatable Studio in a Bag®, leading a twelve-person team of Academy and Emmy award-winning experts (offshore and domestic) to create smart app tools that produce HD broadcast quality video content with live background replacement on iPhones, iPads, and Android smart devices without post-production, then distributing video on the mobile platform using the best CDN on the market. Flushed out new hardware and software product line to monetize the brand new Mobile Content Capture (MCC) market. Managed several projects at once, increasing shareholder value and negotiating talent and contracts. Responsible for managing data integration, consumer behavior analytics and cloud migration.

Certfied Scrum Master (CSM)
Certfied Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
Product Manager / Mobile Application Architect / Senior IT Project Manager 
Created M.A.S.S. (Media Audition Submission System on smart devices, patents-pending)
Created MCC Market (Mobile Content Capture)
Chief Product Designer, Internet of Things Technology

Scharer is the Founder and Inventor of the DropKey® App, the DropKey inflatable Studio In A Bag, and the CamBot Telepresence Lighting Robot
Mobile Application Developer and Project Manager (Agile, UX/UI)
Founder of M.C.C. (Mobile Content Capture) market.

NBC Universal, LLC – 2016-2017

Senior Project / Product Manager for NBC Universal managing three high profile projects for Solutions Management, including managing vendors and cross-functional project teams with budget and timeline responsibilities.

• Contract Consultant Senior Program/Project Manager for NBC Universal Unified Communications 
• Created infrastructure work plans in MS Project for a Data Center Exit and migration to a different physical Data Center
• Led Solutions Delivery team to analyze risks and their impact on timeline to create and execute project plans using SharePoint Dashboard for multiple application and network projects
• Managed vendors and cross-functional project teams with respect to schedules and milestones
• Managed three large Projects, SumTotal (HR), PageUp (HR), and OmniTicket
• Resolved and/or escalated issues in a timely manner
• Mitigated Project conflicts using Agile Methodology (acted as Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master)
• Effectively worked on multiple projects and proactively communicated relevant project information to all stakeholders
• Updated senior management on project and work status
• Collaborated with product management, design, and technical development teams
• Planned for upcoming work and collaborated with the team on resource needs 

Diversified Telcom Consulting Services, Inc. 2000 – 2014

Assisted in designing the cost-tracking systems for the Space Shuttle (Rockwell Int’l), merged Mt. Sinai and NYU Medical Center onto the Y2K platform, and 25 other Fortune 100 Technical Consulting Assignments. Also specialized as a Technical Architecture Liason between the CEO and the respective CFOs and CTOs.  Consultant and IT Project manager for twenty-five full life-cycle implementations and integrations of media and financial software for large and small companies.  Scharer was the Chief Architect of the Capital Projects system for the Space Shuttle (Rockwell International) and the 
Chief Architect of the Capital Projects system at Paramount Pictures


College of Business Bachelor of Science in Finance

Creative Writing Master’s Mentorship


Rockwell Scharer III, Founder of DropKey®, Inc. was announced as Winner of an Edison Award for Best Digital Product Innovation (2019).

Santa Monica, CA – Apr. 7, 2019 – Inventor and DropKey® Founder Rockwell Scharer has received an Edison Award for Best Digital Product Innovation at the 2019 Edison Awards in New York City at the New York Academy of Arts and Sciences. The Award, named after Thomas Alva Edison, recognizes and honors the world’s best of the best innovators and innovations. 

Mr. Scharer was nominated for the prize for his work in developing MediaBook® and DropKey® Studio in a Bag® technology, creating the Mobile Content Creation (MCC) market. The airframe prototype required years to develop with an Academy and Emmy Award-winning team.

The Edison Awards judging panel was comprised of more than 3,000 professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing and education, including professional organizations representing a wide variety of industries and disciplines.

Elon Musk and Astro Teller were former winners of the Edison Award (2014, 2017)

About DropKey®

DropKey is a Consumer-friendly Chroma key background replacement app with video file storage and assembly in the cloud, the state of the art green screen tech on smartphones.

Founder and CEO Rockwell Scharer solved a difficult physics problem to invent a pop-up, inflatable studio with bright lights and portability to make push-button perfect live background replacement on smart devices with no rotoscoping or post-production. 100% of professional content creators use Chroma key background replacement, and when you put that ability on 2 billion smart devices, you have a revolution. Now millennials and pros can purchase DreamScreens with the free DropKey app and can have the Daily Show set in their second bedroom for a few hundred bucks. The DropKey app, when paired with the new DropKey Studio In A Bag produces crisp, HD live background replacement on smartphones without rotoscoping or post-production required. Our founder invented the pop-up Studio-In-A-Bag with brilliant lights, wireless earbud mics, and is collapsible and flight-ready with no free-standing lights, no post-production and no lighting decisions to make. DropKey, Inc. has developed and received worldwide patent protection to license mobile applications and manufacture the first portable, Flight-Ready HD Studio-In-A-Bag, creating full HD background replacement on Tablets and Smartphones. According to Rockwell Scharer, CEO of DropKey, Inc., “We saw a very big niche in content creation where content producers can significantly increase their revenue streams on the mobile platform. Users will be able to make Lord of The Rings at home using professionally shot backgrounds and purchased on Mediabook.tv, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams will find proteges and farm talent across the globe, and Online News broadcasting will change forever as we know it. Our developers discover new applications every day for this new advanced portal, resulting in significant, scaleable billion-dollar industries. Due to advances in the robust processing power of tablets and smartphones, along with the confluence of Cloud technology and Cloudmining for Advertisers, DropKey, Inc.a has set the bar for making sophisticated HD content at home or on the road creating tens of thousands of jobs in America overnight. DropKey, Inc. has created a hearty, collapsible Professional Sound and Lighting portal optimized for Tablets and Smartphones with HD background replacement, and will be marketed to Consumers and Professionals from $599 (consumer version) and $1499 (pro version)  at www.dropkey.com and www.tvstudioinabag.com.


 *The above companies are current or past clients. They do not necessarily endorse DropKey or its products or services.    

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