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Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DropKey®, Inc. | *Thomas A. Edison Award Recipient-Best Digital Innovation in Media* | Disney, NBC, Viacom, Paramount Pictures, Live Nation Alum | Author | Top 40 Recording Artist |


Rockwell Scharer is an innovative digital media entrepreneur and pioneer in live mobile Chroma key background replacement on smart devices. He is the inventor of the inflatable DropKey® Pop-up Studio® line of personal media studios, an entire ecosystem and line of products with, an eCommerce store for video clips used as Chroma key backgrounds and b-roll. When the DropKey Pop-up Studio is paired with the camera app via Wi-Fi, the bright lights and live Chroma key background replacement in realtime has changed the YouTube content creator world on smart devices,  revolutionizing the $100Bn creator economy according to Forbes. Scharer is the recipient of the Thomas A. Edison Award for Best Digital Innovation in Media, then recruited an Academy and Emmy Award-winning team to develop technology that has Consumerized live, high-definition Chroma key background replacement on smart devices with zero post-production, with no experience required.

Besides his professional recording career, Scharer served as Founder and President of Diversified Telcom, Inc., a software engineering firm with solid Fortune 500 M&A experience. As a Consultant and IT Architect, Scharer was on the team that built the Space Shuttle for Rockwell International, implemented the cost-tracking system for motion pictures for Paramount Pictures Creative Affairs, and successfully merged NYU Medical Center with Mt. Sinai Hospital onto the Y2k platform from 1995-2001, resulting in the largest hospital IT system in the world.

As a recording artist Scharer released four pop music albums  as a producer, songwriter, singer and engineer with a top-forty single in 1996. An award-winning screenwriter and novelist, the technology futurist invented the DropKey Pop-up Studios technology with MediaBook, a turnkey ecosystem for content creators. A pioneer in new media, Scharer is a graduate of the University of Oregon’s Charles Lundquist School of Business with a B.S. in Finance.

Scharer’s strong creative endeavors and business acumen led to his early examination of the billion-dollar Mobile Content Capture (MCC) market, aka the At-Home Performance Capture market, where he invented tools for the future of professional content creation, then founded DropKey®, inc. to monetize his inventions to provide better creator tools for journalists, educators, students, corporations and media producers all over the world. DropKey is the culmination of Scharer’s dream to make the world smarter and better, using technology to serve the Humanities.

recent news

Nov 5, 2020, (Santa Monica, CA) – DropKey, inc and has launched its innovative DropKey Pop-up Studios™ line of products in a pre-sale campaign with The DropKey inflatable Pop-up Studios are a new phenomenon that is set to overtake the Youtube Creator world by establishing a foothold in the turnkey personal media studio marketplace, designed to be the go-to broadcast quality camera app with millions of video clips for b-roll backgrounds that will make it super easy for Creators to shoot videos with bright lights and to “be anywhere” you want.

Dropkey® Launches the Pop-up™ Studio in a Bag® in Public Beta in Crowdsourcing Campaign

The line of products DropKey plans to launch soon are the inflatable Pop-up Studio in a Bag Classic, Professional, the DropKey robotic single-user DeskBot™ that includes the foldable CamBot™, the first robotic personal media studio with a “Light Stick” with pro audio to hit the market.In a public kickstarter campaign launched for and DropKey Creators on Nov 5th, the Academy, Emmy and Edison Award winning team plans to launch their line of products soon with a robust licensing revenue model for Reality Show Producers to access talent through the cloud. Producers of American Idol, NBC’s The Voice and AGT can obtain HD auditions using the DropKey cloud to offer professionally shot backgrounds so smart device users all over the world can engage in making television content.



Scharer is founder and Chief Executive Officer of DropKey, responsible for the research and development of the DropKey® inflatable Pop-up Studio line of products, leading a twenty person team of Academy, Emmy and Edison award-winning experts who are building tools for the Metaverse, including Web 3.0 and the future of television content production. DropKey is pioneering the Consumerization of Chroma key background replacement on smart devices which enables the TikTok generation to perform location shooting at home or on the road — no experience required with SaaS features to assist amateurs and professionals.

Scharer is the Inventor of the DropKey® App and the recently announced single-user DropKey Pop-up DeskBot™ and CamBot™ light stick, a replacement for your tripod with lights and a universal smart device holder. The CamBot will be sold alone and is being developed into a telepresence lighting robot that will automatically block the subject in the shot.

Walt Disney Studios – (2019 – 2020)

President, Senior Portfolio Manager
Diversified Telcom Consulting Services, Inc. 2000 – 2014
Assisted in designing the cost-tracking systems for the Space Shuttle (Rockwell Int’l), merged Mt. Sinai and NYU Medical Center onto the Y2K platform, and 25 other Fortune 100 Technical Consulting Assignments. Also specialized as a Technical Architecture Liason between the CEO and the respective CFOs and CTOs. Consultant and IT Project manager for twenty-five full life-cycle implementations and integrations of media and financial software for large and small companies. Scharer was the Chief Architect of the Capital Projects system for the Space Shuttle (Rockwell International) and the
Chief Architect of the Capital Projects system at Paramount Pictures


College of Business Bachelor of Science in Finance


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