Diesel Cafe
Color The New World


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Wake Me
Get It Together
Touch My Soul
That Girl Up There
Little Blue Skies
Pictures On The Wall
Do It Right
Free The Free Country
All That's Left
King Of Hearts
Heart Could Be Broken
Your Love Is Mine


Released in 1997 on east coast label Franchise Records, this music was recorded on Alesis ADAT digital tape and Digidesign Hard Disk Recording which later became Avid Pro Tools. Scharer helped develop this new innovative new digital product with Digidesign, enabling recording artists to be able to develop their skills in songwriting, engineering and crafting skills at home. Within one year, Scharer scored a top forty single. “Get It Together” rose up the charts to become a Top Forty Hit single on the Gavin Top forty charts. He recorded this album at his home off Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, CA. The radio stations and press called it a “fantastic” debut for an unknown artist, a cross between Elton John, Third Eye Blind and Peter Gabriel.


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Color The New World”

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